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Disk sale: Maître Gims has broken all records with “Subliminal”


At a time when recording industry goes more and more badly with on-line downloads, the solo album “subliminal” of Maître Gims, former leader of Sexion D’assaut, is being sold like hot cakes.

The very first opus exceeded 700 000 sales. A lightning success of the artist who has the merit to be called a “super star” in the way that the French-Congolese rapper is doing better than Daft Punk. Booba sold 170.000 copies of “Futur”, La Fouine reached 90.000 for his “Drôle de parcours” and Rohff sold 85.000 copies of “P.D.R.G.”.

Very recently, Maître Gims inaugurated his first shop, “Vortex”. Dozens of his fans attended the ceremony.

“I first of all created this brand for myself in the sense that I like getting dressed very much, I go shopping much. And I am always say that I would like to have clothes that I did not necessarily find in stores, and Vortex is really things I want to put on”, specified the rapper.

As one of his million fans would say it, Meugui succeeds all that he undertakes.


 Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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