Carnaval of Bonoua: Pictures of the 34th festival of Abouré people


The event attracts thousands of visitors every year in Ivory Coast. Dedicated at first to valuation of cultural heritage of Abouré people EHIVET, Popo Carnaval of Bonoua quickly became an important national event. For the 34th edition which came to an end last Sunday, organizers gave an international character to the event.

Gastronomic Competitions, Miss Competition, sports days, festival of traditional dances, reflection workshops on Popo museum  were some of activities carried out during the 34th Popo Carnaval of Bonoua festival.

“We aim at playing an integration policy of all cultures that exist on our territory and even those from elsewhere. This initiative is supported by all”, declared Hoba Jean, general commissioner of the event in front of the press.

Here below proposed by Africa Top success, pictures of the event placed this year under the theme: “Popo carnival of Bonoua, integration basis of peoples from here and elsewhere.”

popo7 popo6 popo5 popo4 popo3


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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