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Extending of a few days his stay in Tunisia, the King of Morocco Mohammed VI was perceived in the streets of Tunis yesterday.

He was accompanied with the members of his delegation and his son, the Crown prince Moulay El Hassan.

Through this stroll in the streets of Tunis that made the buzz on social networks, the visit of the King of Morocco was considered as a real success and qualified as symbolic and proof of the link between both countries.

The coming of Mohammed VI in Tunisia came to an end by a peaceful meeting with people of the country. On Monday evening, the royal plane was still in Tunis.

The Moroccan authorities thus confirmed that the King truly had a walk in the streets of Tunis and pictures did not show the image of his double.

It seemed as Tunisia would have pleased Mohammed VI a lot

In jeans and shirt and far from the protocol, the King got mixed up with passers-by, greeting them or embracing children as shown here below in the video:

YouTube Preview Image


Original text by: Blaise AKAME
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Video Tunisia: Mohammed VI wearing casual clothes in the streets

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