Beninese Quality Prize: FAMASEP prize-winner

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The NGO Manufacturing of alcoholates and soap out of extracts of plants and mineral substances (FAMASEP) met a quality management.


In its operations, it also put forward a rigorous approach set up by communication, anticipation, costs and stakes control, motivation, and development of a system centered on the satisfaction of all stakeholders of the production process.


These are so many factors that played in favor of this NGO to win the special prize, a prize that was awarded to them last Friday by the Minister of Industry and Trade within the framework of the “Beninese Quality Prize“.


Kindly note that there were about twenty best companies rewarded among which, FAMASEP in Category A.


This prize has come to reward the talents of a structure that brought itself to the record of Excellence. This is rather a consecration for Léonie Akpado Adangnonkoun, Manager of the NGO.




Original text by: Blaise AKAME


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