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Ivory Coast: Minister Bakayoko lanching a competition for young entrepreneurs


Ivory Coast Minister of Interior and of safety, Hamed Bakayoko very present on social networks has just launched a competition for the young Ivory Coast entrepreneurs. Until 31st July, candidates should apply on-line on a platform dedicated to that purpose. In the end, 10 projects will be selected and will benefit “from a special support“. Here are below, conditions to participate in this competition.


– You will have to follow the on-line training course that will start on Friday, 18th July 2014 and that will include 10 main subjects. Every subject will be the matter of an on-line test that will allow to validate your understanding of the subject and to bring if need be clarifications.


– You can afterward propose your projects according to the matrix reserved and presented during the training. These projects will be analyzed by a jury that you will discover in the next weeks that will select 10 on the objective criteria that will also be presented to you.


– The 10 selected projects will be the matter of a special support and the project leaders will come to defend their projects on my web page via a video display. You all can then vote for the best of the 10 short-listed projects at first.




Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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