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Cinema: «Sourd métrage» festival also taking place in Gabon


Two cities of Gabon (Libreville and Lambaréné) are celebrating from 17th to 20th July 2014 the very first edition of the”Sourd métrage” festival (festival short films by Deaf persons). Placed under the theme “deaf persons at the heart of the city“, the event aims at promoting productions by deaf persons of Gabon and the Diaspora.


The movie “La maison de la vie” realized by young Gabonese deaf persons will be in the spotlight during the first edition of the event in Gabon. For the “sourd métrage” association, promoter of the festival, the event allows mutualizing movie productions by institutions welcoming young deaf persons.


It also helps making known by the general public short films realized by young deaf persons, creating a meeting opportunities, exchanging and discovering about productions realized by young deaf persons.


This festival will also be the opportunity to organize 3 round tables in order to exchange about the deaf persons integration question in Gabonese society, namely, deafness, prevention and integration, access to education, rights, needs and perspectives“, specified the organizers.


Let us remind that the festival has been initially organized in France (Nancy and Montpellier) every two years since 2011.




Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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