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Congo: Loemba Delho, a passion for camera


At 32 years old, Yana Loemba Delho, belongs to the list of the rare African women film-makers of Africa. In 2011, she created LDYN, her production structure and shot next year the short film “Troc” then “Le droit d’aimer” in 2014. Yana Loemba Delho started producing television programs with “Talents cachés“, broadcast on DVS Plus channel. The program made the cultural and artistic promotion of the Congolese young people.

Daughter of the first woman notary of her country, this scriptwriter, director and producer arouses admiration. Nevertheless, this ardent supporter of cinema who made her film studies in the Hexagon remembered that in the beginning, her professional dream was not really accepted.

I always wanted to be myself and not another one. It is maybe a kind of rebellion towards my family and our society, but I assume it. In my early stages, it was difficult to make my passion of cinema understood by certain people of my family, and except that, people were amazed to see a young woman standing behind the camera. The results finally convinced“, quoted by our colleague of

According to the same source, the Congolese received a Prize of Encouragement at the Jean – Baptiste Tati-Loutard cultural center in Pointe-Noire for her movie “Troc“. So, the one who is preparing a documentary on “The paternal family” and is putting the finishing touches to an animation series entitled “Ambiance Mboka“, in likely partnership with the International Organization of the Francophonie, is always at the camera. Her first full-length film, “Les jeunes au pouvoir” is planned for 2015.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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