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HIV / AIDS: a Gabonese researcher set up the vaccine IMMUNOREX TM


The Gabonese researcher, Donatien Mavoungou, is about to discover the first vaccine against the AIDS virus. The professor in chemistry worked out IMMUNOREX TM which test results are rather promising for the moment.

During his passage on 16th June 2014 in Libreville (Gabon), Pr Donatien Mavoungou and his colleagues presented to the Gabonese press, IMMUNOREX TM, the treatment that could become the vaccine against the HIV / AIDS. According to the Gabonese quoted by the site Gabonreview, the vaccine is tested at its second phase and was already tested on 200 sick people in France without any negative reaction registered.

We have at present a therapeutic vaccine against AIDS, which is till today, one of the rare in the world to have succeeded to enter into the 2nd phase with an authorization of stopping the triple agent therapy for two months“, declared Pr Mavoungou.

The Gabonese researcher is supported in his works by the managing director of the international institute for developement and the support innovative scientific research, Michel Paul Correa. For the latter, “involving Gabon via Immunorex of Pr Donatien Mavoungou in the development of a vaccine against AIDS with Biosantech is an important challenge in all respects for the influence of Gabon.”

Africa is the continent the most affected by the HIV / AIDS. In 2005 UNAIDS registered 1,8 million deaths caused by the virus on the continent.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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  1. Jeanne Evina

    At last…. a really good News from Africa ! God bless Gabon !

    • sosu cornelius olubancole, w

      SOSU CORNELIUS olubancole I need help for my lovely wife mrs sosu akuele kotoklo mother of my two smart kids who tested positive to the virus about a year now she has been place on drugs against the virus and I just came across Pr Donatien mavoungou’s work against it and the testimony of those who got cured by it please i will appreciate if I can be contacted for my wife’s cure God bless the had work of Pr mavoungou and the garbonese research team against this deadly virus HIV/AIDS, God speeds.

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