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Miss Togo 2014: Camara Mariama crowned!


Miss Camara Mariama Tatiana (20 years old), 3rd year student in SMEs/SMIs management has become since Saturday, 30th August 2014, the most beautiful girl of Togo. She thus replaced the titleholder, Miss SEGBE Emefa Edwige during the 20th edition of the beauty competition, Miss Togo. The new queen of beauty of Togo is surrounded with Miss ADZOH Akou Yayra Gaëlle and Miss MENSAH Têlé Augustine Jessica respectively, first and second heir apparent.

The suspense was long. Deciding between 21 successful cadidates for the final phase of the 20th edition of Miss Togo, it took to wait until dawn. A part from the traditional shows (in evening dress and swimsuit among others) and the performance of traditional dances, the candidates were submitted to the formidable interview sections. They should answer questions they chose themselves except that for this year, they should draw lots questions prepared by the committee.

To the question: “Miss Togo as ambassadress of Togo, what makes you proud of your country?” On the spot reaction led a candidate, who could hardly utter a word, to give the following answer after a very long hesitation: “Togo has become nowadays a united country“.

Even the new Miss Togo almost got troubles. She could hardly find the definition of the word “culture“. But the Jury, whose decisions are sovereign and indisputable, preferred to choose the one who was the second heir apparent in 2013.

Besides the prizes from the partners of the event, the new ambassadress of the Togolese beauty will benefit from an envelope for 125 million FCFA for the realization of her social projects.miss-togo-2014-1


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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