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Tiken Jah Fakoly: «Building a school in each country of Africa»

Tiken Jah Fakolyla Bellevilloise - Paris 20le 8/10/2007crŽdit : Pierre-jean Grouille

The Ivorian artist, Ticken Jah Fakoly known for his political commitment, has been working in the social domain since a few years. In an interview granted to the Ivorian site, abidjan.net, he reaffirmed his ambition to build a school in every African country. For the moment he already realized five works and he hopes to continue his project.

We have toady 20.000 euros in an account for the building of a school in Guinea. My big dream is to be able to build a school in every African country. We built five schools, it remains 39 and we are going to continue“, indicated the man considered as one of the pioneers of the French-speaking reggae music.

Tiken Jah Fakoly who is now preparing a tour for his album “Dernier Appel“, specified that the profits will participate in the building of a school. “At the end of this big tour (with Dernier Appel), receipts will contribute to the building of a school in Guinea in addition to 2000 euros“.

For the Ivorian artist, only school can save Africa. “I think that it is school that is going to wake Africa up and when Africa is up, it is will hurt much“.

1996: Mangercratie
1999: Cours d’histoire n°190 France
2000: Le Caméléon n°97 France
2002: Françafrique n°23 France
2004: Coup de gueule n°19 France
2007: L’Africain, n°4 France, n°41 Suisse
2008: Live à Paris, n°63 France
2010: African Revolution, Universal Music

2014 : Dernier Appel


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