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Peace on the continent: hinting at Christians and Muslims in Congo!

At the end of a tripartite meeting between the Congolese Head of State, Denis Sassou-Nguesso, the archbishop of Brazzaville, Mgr. Anatole Milandou and the Chairman of imams of France, Hassen Chaghoulmy, it was decided the next organization of a world forum on peace in Brazzaville.

The purpose is to find solutions to security problems known on the African continent.

The chairman of imams of France came to share with us a project of organizing a world forum for peace that he submitted to the President of Republic“, reported Mgr. Milandou

For him, “what is happening in Mali, Near-East, Syria, distorts Islam and it is not good“. He continued.

We should show another image of Africa so that there are not quarrels between us; there is dialogue between Muslims and Christians. I believe that it is the image that we convey here in Congo“, underlined the archbishop of Brazzaville.

For his part, Hassen Chaghoulmy regretted that we cannot allow in the name of Islam to kill people.

I esteem that Africa can have a more better image. Africa deserves better than barbaric acts by Boko Haram, acts by armed groups in Mali and by Shabab in Kenya“, added the latter.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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