Nigeria: 79 new movies banned !

Nigeria: 79 new movies banned !


In a communiqué published in Abuja, Nigeria, the Nigerian Film and Video Censorship Board (NFVCB) announced that “79 movies were examined and approved” last September for the national market of entertainment.

According to César Kagho, NFVCB Acting director for the professional business, quoted by the communiqué, eleven of the approved movies are full-length films intended for cinemas, whereas 68 are intended for the private use.

Among these movies, 31 are for private use and shot in Yoruba, 20 in English, 16 in Hausa and two in Bini.

The communiqué, besides, added that among movies for private use, 29 are forbidden to children under 15 years old, 38 to children fewer than 18 years old, one to children under 12 years old and another one subjected to parental advice, as good for adults as for children accompanied by a grown-up person.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME


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