Energy: 60 % of Madagascans will have access in 2030



The Malagasy State has henceforth opted for the popularization of renewable energies. Long-term projects are thus launched.

In Senegal, 57 % of the population has access to Energy. And in South Africa, the situation is even better with a rate of 80 %. Whereas in Madagascar, only 15 % of the population has access.

A situation that shows to what extent Madagascan leaders did not know how to well exploit various resources existing in Madagascar.

Our country has all that is better in terms of resources or exploitable natural resources. But up to here, only a minority of Madagascans can take advantages of it because of mismanagement. It is what motivated the minister of Energy“, underlined Richard Fienena, the minister of Energy.

The latter announced the vision of his department for years to come. “We just set up our objective. We just decided that in 2020, 30 % of the population should have access to energy. And in 2030, this rate should be doubled or 60 %”, asserted the minister.

In fact, the boss of Energy counts on the complete operation of renewable energies.

Up till now, 70 % of energies operated in Madagascar come from machines using in their turn other types of energies.

He then explained, “We all noticed that this practice has never brought us profits. So, I declare that we have to turn to the operation of these renewable energies. Especially that our country has them a lot“.

Original text by: Blaise AKAME  

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