Tunisia: all crazy about the theater in Bizerte!


Theater will be in the spotlight from 25th to 28th December on the occasion of the “Crazy about the theater festival” which opening is planned on the Christmas day with a theater performance “Parole d’Hugo“.

During this period, the crazy about the theater will thus cross the governorate of Bizerte.

Several theater performances are scheduled in the various culture centers of the region.

It is also planned a two day forum on the theme “The French-speaking theater, between problems and expectations” as well as training workshops for children and high school students.

Kindly note that the festival is organized by the regional Commissionership of the culture in association with the Association for the promotion of the theater of Bizerte, the Crazy about the theater Association and the “hypodiaritus for the theater” Association.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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