Debordo Dj: called all names, decides to stop music!



What is going wrong in the Ivorian Coupé-décalé movement? After Jean-Jacques Kouamé alias JJK who recently announced his musical retirement to start business, it is the turn of Debordo Dj who wants “to do anything else“.

The artist feels “unloved, mistreated” in the showbiz since his famous chorus”elders, out! Didier Drogba, out!”, a sentence he brought out at Félix Houphouët Boigny stadium further to the victory of the Elephants at the AFCON 2015.

Internet users and Ivorian supporters found these words unbearable and angrily attacked Debordo on his Facebook page.

Feeling being the laughing stock of the Ivorians for quite a while, the artist musician would like to stop music.

Remove me from your coupé-décalé. You have called me names since then because of Didier Drogba. Wailla, I stop music; I am sorry, but that’s life. I will do anything else; note that I am done, I cannot sing any more for this Ivory Coast, forget me thank you!“, that is the message posted by the artist on his Facebook page.

Ivorian People Magazines asserted having contacted the artist who confirmed the news. That is going to be a big loss for the Ivorian and African music. It is a real pity for a talented and patriot of his size.

Enjoy one more time his hit, Rien que la nation (Nothing than the nation); no lie!

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Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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