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Francophony: Togo celebrates 20th March (planning)


logo-20-mars-2015The international community celebrates every 23rd March, the International day of Francophony. In Togo, the date will be marked by several activities organized by the National Commission of Francophony (CNF), the OIF Regional / West Africa Office (Brao) and several partner associations.

One of the innovative activities of this organization is the competition of the scientific and technological Innovation for the sustainable development organized towards the Togolese students.

The celebration of this year is placed under the theme: “Youth, environment and climate“. It’s within this context that several conferences will be organized all over March. The coordination committee of Francophony Clubs of Togo organizes for that purpose a round table on 19th March on the theme: “The position of student in the environmental protection” at the University of Lomé.

Africa Top Success proposes you the planning for the Francophony month celebration in Togo

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Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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