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Morocco: “The Atlantic Initiative for Tourism 2015” coming to an end today


The Moroccan ministry of the tourism organized in association with the world tourism organization (WTO), “The Atlantic Initiative for Tourism on 2015” on 11th and 12th March in Rabat. Several themes through which sustainable development, conservation of cultural identity and heritages can be operated were on the agenda.
Morocco and sub-Saharan Africa are developing their cooperation on several plans. Tourist sector is on the roll in the Atlantic region. 320 million travelers are registered every year.
According to the site, the Ministries and Representatives of Tourism National Administrations of both banks of the Atlantic Ocean, participating in the International Conference on Tourism, developed in association with the World Tourism Organization (WTO), a draft of declaration that concerns a will to make of this Conference a space of common reflection, dialogue, proposal of action and open and mutually fruitful exchange.

Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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