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Africa: Building and Civil Engineering Works sector fashionable


The investments in the Building and Civil Engineering Works sector in Africa reached 325 billion dollars in 2014 against 222 billion in 2013, representing thus an increase of 46 % with regard to 2013, underlined a study carried out by the audit and consulting firm, Deloitte.

The number of infrastructures projects started during the previous year was established at 257 projects or a decrease of 65 projects with regard to 2013.

Transport represents 40 % of these projects in front of energy (39 %). The most expensive projects are concentrated in Southern Africa: 119 projects in 2014 for a total of 144.88 billion dollar investment.

Followed West Africa with 66 projects (71.83 billion dollars), East Africa (51 projects for 60.67 billion dollars) and Central Africa (13 projects for a total amount of 33,2 billions).

North Africa is left behind with 8 projects (9.1 billion dollars).


Original text by: Agence Ecofin 

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