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Dakar City WiFi Project: Surf the net free of charge at the Independent Square

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Are we moving towards the end of the internet connection cost considered too high in Dakar? All seem we are on the way with the “Dakar Digital City” project.

Well, the citizens can henceforth free of charge surf the Internet with their computer or Smartphone at the independence square of the Senegalese capital town.

This, thanks to the launch of the “Dakar City WIFI” project with the cooperation of the operator, Tigo.

This project will consist in the installation of the WiFi in the big squares on the whole of the City of Dakar with the SSID: DAKAR-CITY-WIFI“, underlined a communiqué public by the government.

Senegal was recently ranked among the African countries where the internet connection is accessible the least.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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