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Togo: When chocolate made in Togo seduces European media


An imposing Italian delegation of journalists and documentary makers has been staying in Lomé since yesterday on behalf of the Italian National Television. Italian professional of media have for objective to realize several audiovisual documentaries on the Togolese cocoa from the tree nursery to the processing including the plantation, the harvest, the fermentation and the drying.

A part of the works will be dedicated to the Togolese chocolate which, since 2012 has been sold beyond the national borders.

According to the documentary maker, Illy, the head of the delegation, these works which will be carried out during a week in Lomé and inside the country, will help meeting several farmers and actors involved in the cocoa plantation chain of Togo to discuss together the stakes and the challenges of this sector.

She added that the various documentaries sponsored by the Italian Television come in prelude to the World Show of Milan that will be organized with the coming months in Italy.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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