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Marathon of Paris: a Gambian standing for drinking water


Africa Top Success reported it earlier that the 39th edition of the Marathon of Paris ended on Sunday with the coronation of the 30-year-old Kenyan, Mark Korir. Aprt from the nice performance of the African athletes who stand in the first three positions of the competition, a lady from the continent made speak about her.

Dressed in traditional attire with sandals and a can on her head, Siabatou Sanneh participated in the race with boards carrying suggestive messages: “Every day in Africa, women go this distance for drinking water“, “help us to reduce the distance“.

The Gambian who never landed in France before carried thus the cries for help of a whole continent in front of the international community. She is supported in this initiative by the British NGO, Water for Africa. The latter launched a campaign of fund raising in order to finance water pumps in Gambian rural localities.

The NGO has already financed 120 similar projects but water still remains a rare good in Gambia. Several households drink bad quality water from wells. The initiative from the Gambian lady, Siabatou Sanneh, touched the decision-makers who participate in the 7th world water forum in Daegu.


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