Reggae City Festival: Ouagadougou pays tribute to Bob Marley



Twenty (20) artists, 20 live shows, 3 big conferences, 10 projections of movies, stands, bars restaurants and VIP spaces, are the poster of the very first edition of the “Reggae city festival“, a meeting taking place from 9th to 11th May 2015 in the Burkinabe capital.

The festival which will take 3 days, will take place at the Jean Pierre Guingané Youth and Culture Palace in Ouagadougou.

According to Sam K Lejah, radio presenter and singer and promoter of the event, the idea is to make of this cultural event carrier of cohesion, peace, work and promotion of the culture.

A programming will allow the reggae music to compete with the other fashionable musics in Burkina Faso“, underlined the latter.

He added: “it is our contribution for the reggae to occupy a special place because we know in this country that they are fewer to like reggae“.

African reggae musicians as Wango Roger, Bass Mandelson, Kajeem, Sanaa Bob, Hamed Faras, Queen Adjoba to mention the few are expected in this festival.

This festival 100 % reggae free of charge that coincides with the 34th celebration of Bob Marley’s death (founder of reggae), is for Sam’s K Lejah, a way to also pay tribute to all the elders and the pioneers of reggae and offer at the same time a space for the reggae music young generation to express itself.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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