Benin: the writer, Jean Pliya is dead

Benin: the writer, Jean Pliya is dead

Jean Pliya

The famous Beninese writer, Jean Pliya died last 14th May 2015 in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) at 83 years old. The author of the best-seller “L’arbre fétiche” got rich career path.

History and geography teacher, Jean Pliya taught in several universities of West Africa (Togo, Benin, Niger) and France before becoming in 1981, the vice-chancellor of the National University of Benin). He occupied this post until 1983.

Jean Pliya was also a politician. He was a staff manager for the minister for Education from 1961 to 1963, minister for information and tourism in 1963, staff manager for General Soglo, then Member of Parliament for Abomey.

Devout Catholic Christian, he dedicated a part of his life to the work of God. Jean Pliya was regularly requested by sub-regional congregations for his teachings.


L’arbre fétiche, collection of short stories (L’Arbre fétiche, La Voiture rouge, L’homme qui avait tout donné, le Gardien de nuit), Yaoundé, Editions CLE, 1971
Kondo le requin, dedicated to King Behanzin, Yaoundé, Editions CLE, 1981 (literary Grand Prix of Black Africa)
Les Chimpanzés amoureux, Le Rendez-vous, La Palabre de la dernière chance, nouvelles, les Classiques africains, 1977
La Secrétaire particulière, Yaoundé, Editions CLE, 1973
Les Tresseurs de cordes, Paris, Hatier, Abidjan, CEDA, 1987
La Fille têtue, traditional tales and narrations of Benin, Abidjan ; Dakar ; Lomé, Nouvelles Éditions africaines, 1982



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