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Ebola: the new video of Aïcha Koné

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The Ivory Coast artist Aïcha Kone did not want to be outside the international mobilization that is being prepared in order to eradicate the Ebola virus that is spreading panic in West Africa. The one who has been living in Guinea since a few years seems to be well indicated to speak about the disease to Guineans. « I say it in Bambara language so that my relatives get well the message ‘go back to where you come from’« , she indicated on the site of RFI.


The artists are following one another and the message is the same. Ebola exists and it is necessary to follow the hygienic instructions. With the title « Ebola », Aïcha Koné joined the Senegalese collective « Yen a marre » and the former international Liberian, Georges Weah who also sang for the fight against the disease.

« Telling to all the populations that Ebola is true, this disease really exists. But when we discover it early, we have chance to be saved. It is the message I found necessary to pass because I also have relatives who do not believe in this disease. The international community, everybody is getting down with it. But we have to pass the messages of hygiene too especially, really getting oneself clean as usual. It is a matter of morality« , specified Aïcha Kone.

The Ebola virus has already killed 2800 persons. The disease rages in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. According to the WHO, more than 20.000 people will be infected by the disease within one month if nothing is done.

  Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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