Lerato Mbele: the South African icon of the news!

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She is extremely charming and she has a well-made head.

Lerato Mbele is one of South African TV icons. She is a journalist and a presenter for the BBC. She was previously known with Newsday on the BBC World Service.

She has a master’s degree in economics of development, politics and international relations which she obtained in the University of London.

She started working for the South African Broadcasting Corporation in 1999. In 2007 Mbele joined CNBC Africa during its launching. In 2012 Mbele joined BBC News and thus presents Newsday on the BBC World Service with Lawrence Pollard.

In March 2014, she is listed among club of 20 African under 40 years old, «young leaders of the world»

« I am excited to present Africa Business Report. It is the opportunity to show to what extent Africa became a region of growth, exchanges, innovations and entrepreneurs. In spite of very important problems, Africa shows signs of changing and it is what we shall try to reflect in this new programme. An opportunity to seize! »

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4 thoughts on “Lerato Mbele: the South African icon of the news!

  1. I know Lerato Mbele prior to joining BBC. I have been interviewed by BBC Fast Forward programme on places to visit Cape Town. Please ask her to contact me. She met me at a time when I was President Mandela’s assistant.

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