Segenet Kelemu: the Ethiopian scientist woman, Africa prize-winner of Oréal-Unesco Prize for women and science!

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Segenet Kelemu is an Africa prize-winner of Oréal-Unesco prize for women and science. A prize she received on this March 19th, 2014 in Paris.

And the famous Ethiopian scientist hopes that this prize is going to help her « to put forward the importance of research and sciences for African youth and the leading elites ».

And she knows what she is talking about because she was the first woman of East Africa to join the University of Ethiopia. She belongs to the list of the 20 African women who are moving the continent.

Her researches allow micro-organisms to resist better to diseases and to adapt themselves to environmental requirements and to climatic change. Her discoveries help in particular small local farmers.

Segent Kelemu studied in the United States and worked in Colombia but she did not hesitate to come back to Africa. She is today Chief Executive Officer of the international Center of insect physiology and ecology (Icipe).

This center which is based in Nairobi, Kenya, operates in more than 30 countries and employs about 400 people coming from the whole world.

By receiving her prize, Segenet Kelemu hoped « to put forward the importance of research and sciences for African youth and the leading elites. Sciences, technology, research and education are essential in the development of any nation. »

Here are the other prize-winners below:
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For North America: professor Laurie Glimcher – immunology and Medicine
For Latin America: professor Cecilia Bouzat – Biophysics
For Asia-Pacific: professor Kayo Inaba – Immunology and Medicine

Here is the interview she has just granted to Jeune Afrique magazine:




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