Anofel Wear: the African streetwear brand created by Yves Hervé Olo

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Kindly keep well in mind this brand, please: «Anofel Wear».

It was created in Cameroon and it was Yves Hervé Olo who launched this Cameroonian brand of streetwear specialized in of T-shirts design.

This small company consists at present of a team of six people. It was set up in 2007.

The objective was then « to share the Cameroonian know-how, while delivering a message of brotherhood and love. »

The next collection of Anofel will be launched in the coming months and it should again make talk a lot about it.

It aims at a very wide clientele. New products are announced. People are so looking forward to discovering caps, sandshoes Anofel and new line of polos intended for the junior executives.

The slogan of Anofel Wear is « Believe in your dreams« .

A whole program.

Visit the e-boutique.
Join them on Facebook / Twitter.

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