Unusual: naked in the bush in order to become rich in Zambia, he was amputated of his penis by a hyena!

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The news is very amazing and well deserves a gossip on Africa Top Success …

Chamangeni Zulu, a young Malawian who went naked into the bush in Zambia on a traditional healer’s prescription, was attacked by a hyena.

The animal amputated him of three toes and of his penis!

The victim told: « I went in the bush and I was asked to be naked. A hyena arrived and began to eat my toes and finally, my sex ».

Chamangeni Zulu accepted this test in order to become rich!

Sister Precious Matongo, a nurse who treated him declared: « What is important for him is to continue cleaning his wounds; his life is safe », she specified.

In Malawi, the traditional healers are also considered as spiritual leaders and wizards …


Original text by: Nicolas Coutain

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