Brazil 2014: Avram Grant believes an African team could be world champion!

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Can an African team become a world champion on the coming 13th July in Brazil? Avram Grant, the former coach of Chelsea, is a great specialist of African football. And he thinks that one of the five teams – Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Algeria, and Cameroun- taking part in the World cup can win it, as he reported it to Catch Brasil.Com.

« I am convinced that African teams will produce excellent results during the World cup this summer in Brazil. I sincerely think that with a high spirit, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria could turn the corner of the quarter finals and write a new page of African football history »

« The day will come when the world champion will be African. Moreover, I do not understand why it is not yet done considering the immense potential of football players of this continent. According to me, the key of the success will come from the mental that often lacks them in crucial moments, in particular at the end of plays. But it is something that can easily be modifed ».

So who will win the challenge?


Original text by: Nicolas Coutain


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