Mercy Johnson: The richest actress of Nigeria

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Some people said that the Nigerian Mercy Johnson is the best actress of Nollywood and others supported that nobody plays better than her, the roles of prostitutes and villagers in Nigerian movies.

The international Magazine « Yes » of Nigeria reported that Mercy Johnson is the most requested and the busiest Nigerian actress of her country.

The Magazine moreover indicated that the star of cinema is also one of the richest actresses in the country, earning between 1, 5 million and 2million naira equivalent to 5 million CFA by script.

« Mercy is much requested so that producers queue up to obtain her services, paying sometimes even in advance », underlined Yes Magazine.

« The situation has been like that for some time now, Even when she was pregnant, she worked, sheeven shot a movie in the United States with her big and round stomach and many others … In fact, producers were so desperate that they started writing scripts related to her pregnancy », according to a source quoted by this magazine.

And you, do you believe Mercy Johnson is a « SUCCESS »?


Original text by: Blaise Akame

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  2. God is a great man to bless for us our iron lady mercy Johnson who make us Africa proud .and I which she can one time come to our country Uganda I shall be the most happiest man in the country .please administrator convey my messages to her that we love her though we have not seen her physically thanks a lot

    1. my love am really happy 4 u atleast all my prayers 4u has come to pass am ur no1 fan i really want 2 see u one on one dis my num pls cal me i really need ur help08170317801 bye dear .God wil bless u in jesus name amen

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