Itinerant Digital cinema: « L’Abattage des Enfants », Madjé Ayité in the spotlight!

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Togo no more have real movie theater open to the general public. For several years, populations got out of the habit of going to the cinema. For the more recent generations used to ICTS, the word “cinema” does not mean anything. Nevertheless, Togolese movies are releases every year in a disconcerting indifference of the populations.

It is in the context of making African cinema discovered by Togolese populations even those living within the borders of the country that the network of associations Itinerant Digital Cinema is making tours of all the regions of Togo. After the maritime region, Kara and Savanna, the team is at present in the Plateau and Central regions.

Beyond its cultural aspect, the tour of the Itinerant Digital Cinema is an opportunity for the organizers to mobilize populations on troubles that ruining our societies. The movie « L’Abattage des Enfants » (Children killing) of the Togolese Madjé Ayité projected for the occasion, carries « messages of raising sensitization around sexual harassment in schools and children traffic ».

In front of the decrease of Togolese film productions, Juliette Akouvi Founou, the chairwoman of the Itinerant Digital Cinema in Togo proposed solutions in an interview granted to the colleagues of Pa-lunion.

« You know that normally, CNA functions thus: there is a fund for all Togolese movies that we release every year to have copyright. But locally, what I think of doing is to allocate a fund to Togolese movies and we shall have to study these movies there before deciding how we can participate in the evolution of Togolese cinema », she explained.


 Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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