Prison of Fresnes: Yannick Noah brought to prisoners what they missed

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The Cameroonian singer, Yannick Noah, brought to prisoners of the detention center of Fresnes (situated in the south suburb of Paris) what they missed: the joy of living.

This, through a concert it gave on Monday in this place of detention for the association « Ensemble contre la récidive » (Together against repeat offense) in front of about one hundred prisoners.

This show that delighted the public was within the framework of the release of the new album of the singer the same day, « Combats ordinaires« .

In order to pay tribute to a former prisoner, the legendary Bob Marley, Yannick interpreted two songs of the King of Reggae music and he was pleased to present in acoustics in front of women prisoners in their pavilion.

For the artist, the purpose was to make pleasant this moment for these prisoners, locked in conditions he considered « inhuman« .


Original text by: Blaise AKAME
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