D.R. of Congo: Lokua Kanza is celebrating his 20 years of career

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The Congolese singer Lokua Kanza is celebrating his 20 years of career in Kinshasa. At the age of 56 years old, he so belongs into the group of great big artists having completed 20 long years of career of music with melodies that made world tour.

To celebrate the event, he gave a fisrt concert on Saturday Verdure Theater, on the margings of the eighth edition of the JazzKif festival held on 31st May and 1st June.

The artist gave on a second concert on Sunday evening at the same place in front of several hundreds of persons that sang and danced at the rhythm of his famous songs, « Nakozonga » or « Plus vivant« , etc.

Lokua Kanza presented in a cosy atmosphere besides the famous Congolese singers, Jean Goubald and Fally Ipupa, or Gaby of the Kinjazza group, considered as one of the pioneer of jazz in the rumba and the ndombolo country.

The artist, of a Rwandan mother, was born in Bukavu, capital town of the province of South-Kivu (the East of the D.R. of Congo), the singer was revealed on the international level by his hit « Shadow Dancer« .

Worried about the instability that has been destroying the oriental part of his country since about twenty years, Lokua Kanza is calling on all Africa peoples and elsewhere not to give way to « dark wars« .


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