«Ünkut»: the new perfume of Booba

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The singer of Senegalese origin, Booba revealed on Tuesday the picture of his new perfume, « Ünkut« , on his favorite social network, Instagram. The design of his last commercial creation is without any doubt.

Ü nkut, of the name of the clothing collection of the Duke of Boulogne, is indeed in the form of grenade.

As it is predicted by videos announcing the coming out of the perfume, Booba used great means to announce its marketing. In a black and white picture, the bottle so bases on the stomach of a crocodile.

The perfume is available from now on the e-shop Unkut.fr for the modest price of 65€ the bottle, an amount that many will be ready to pay out to have the same smell as the Duke of Boulogne.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME
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