Chad: Ndjamena will welcome African ICTS fair from 9th to 12th September

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N’Djamena, the Chadian capital town is getting ready to welcome from 9th to 12th September 2014, the African Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS) fair. As several countries of Central and southern Africa, Chad is committed to make of ICTS, a driving force for the economy development of the country.

Since 2005, Chad has been trying to catch up in the digital world. The access to Internet that was almost nil at that time, moved from 0, 04 % to 5 % in 2013. This figure will soon be increased with the use of the optical fiber and the assignment of 3G and 4G licenses to a mobile phone operator.

The penetration rate of the mobile telephony which was 3,7 % in 2005 really leaps forwards these recent years (35 % in 2013). The African Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS) fair will be an opportunity for N’Djamena to integrate Chad into the broadband international network in optical fiber. According to Hassan Sylla Bakari, Chadian minister Communication and Government Spokesman, this international meeting will also allow the country to finalize the reflection on the national strategy of ICTS.

According to the Chadian Government Spokesman, the country will soon be endowed with an African Center of Information Technologies (CATI) made up of an ultra-modern television and a Pan-African radio channels. As a reminder, Chad invests 27 billion FCFA in the sector of ICTS for period 2013-2025.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO
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