Serge Beynaud: the clip of Telehi now available!

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The periods of holidays is fast coming and sounds for entertainment will not miss. Serge Beynaud of Ivory Coast just published on Monday on social networks the clip of his last song « Telehi« .

Serge Beynaud restores life to the « coupé décalé » rhythm. The promoter of the Loko loko concept announced the colors of the summer with the long-awaited clip of his song « Telehi« . Almost dedicated to dancing, the clip marks the fame of the « coupé décalé » new shape made by the artist who mixes the Ivory Coast beat with electro beat to have Afro sounds.

The new clip of « Telehi » put an end to the rumors according to which Zota, the young dancer revealed by Serge would have left her mentor. She appears at the right place in the clip with her footwork that kills!

Born on 26th January 1986 of a military father and a domestic mother, Serge Beynaud made his first steps in the show as arranger before launching himself into the song in 2012. His success was amazing. With his first album « Dieu seul« , the Culture Palace of Ivory Coast was overcrowded and exploded sales on Internet.

Serge Beynaud was nominated for the Mtv Africa Music Awards 2014. He participated in several concerts on the international level. In May, he was the star of the third edition of the beauty competition Miss Togo France Europe.

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