Nigeria: Drivers at the school of Google Map

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With its 120 million inhabitants, Nigeria is the country the most populated of Africa. In order to facilitate the traffic to Taxi drivers of the first economic power of Africa, the developers of Easy Taxi, the application for taxi reservation in Nigeria and Google Nigeria are training drivers on the use of Google Map.

Available in 27 countries, Easy Taxi is the Nr 1 of the taxi reservation software in the world. The application counts 90 000 drivers and thousands of users. In Nigeria, the institution of this new way of moving in cities upsets the habits of drivers especially with Google Map. The training introduced by Google Nigeria will allow drivers to be more efficient in their work while savings fuel.

« We based ourselves on the conclusions according to which taxi drivers registered on Easy Taxi did not sometimes succeed in locating their roads and going to carry their customers. We then decided to work with Google in order to improve the services to our customers by training our drivers on the way of using Maps », indicated Bankole Cardoso, Managing Director and founder of Easy Taxi Nigeria.

For the trainer of Google, Adepolu Abiodun, the use of the map could not be a source of traffic accidents. Another advantage of the map according to Adepolu is the alternate solutions which it proposes in case of traffic jams.

« Even if any nook and cranny cannot be completely mapped, you can be sure as regards to the entrance and the exit of Lagos. 80 % to 90 % of places to where customers could move are covered. With the map you can choose an alternate route when there are traffic jams », he reassured.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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