Brazil 2014: BB-Lomé announcing the colors of the festivities in Togo

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Togo in not participating in the world cup Brazil 2014 but football lovers of the country are many to support the five African countries enlisted in the competition. Faithful to the tradition, the « Brasserie du Bénin (BB-Lomé) » (Togo Brewery company) is participating in the event by its customers’ side with the 33 Export drink.

2014 is a festive year for the BB-Lomé. The Brasserie du Bénin is celebrating not only its fiftieth anniversary but also the world cup Brazil 2014. In order to celebrate the event, it proceeded to the renewal of labels of bottles and cans of the 33 Export drink, « Supporter Nr1 of football ».

Since 9th June, the BB-Lomé has been offering a bottle of 33 Export free of charge for every customer who buys two. In order to follow the matches of the world cup in a friendly atmosphere, the BB-Lomé created « villages of the world cup » where supporters can come to encourage their teams to victory around beer.

Kindly note that the BB-Lomé is sending two delegations to Brazil to follow the World cup. The first team will leave Lomé on 16th June and the second will fly for Brazil on 7th July.


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