Gabon: Sylvia Bongo giving assistance to the women of the Estuary

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For Sylvia Bongo, « all women are equal« . This creed of the chairwoman of the eponym foundation justifies her actions by the side of the Gabonese women. The first lady of Gabon has started since Wednesday, 11th June, a new tour (deep Gabon) inside the country with for « the reduction of difficulties regarding care for pregnant women » purpose.


As announced by Africa Top Success, Sylvia Bongo with her team visited from 12th to 15th May 2014 the women of the 13 Gabonese cities. This visit of the first lady of Gabon allowed her to offer 3426 childbirth kits to the 12 health centers she visited.


In order to extend her action to all the women of the country, the lady with big heart has been since Wednesday, in the Estuary, the most populated region of Gabon. She will visit the maternity hospitals of the MÉLEN CHR (the regional hospital) and those of the health centers of Ntoum, Cocobeach, Kango, Libreville (Nzeng-Ayong, Beau-Séjour) and Owendo.


« Till today, too many Gabonese do not benefit from midwife’s services, or from a delivery room, or from necessary medicine to avoid complications during the childbirth. Many of them, during their pregnancy, do not consult a doctor, do not go to hospital », indicated the first lady of Gabonese.


As reminder, before this new visit, Sylvia Bongo celebrated the women’s day in Agboville. The first lady brought to the women of the locality, a material and financial assistance that were estimated at 100 million FCFA.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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