World Cup on 2014: big screen TV installed in far distant places of Djibouti

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In order to help Djiboutians to follow in live the matches of the 20th edition of the Football World Cup which starting on Thursday in Brazil, government proceeded to the installation of several dozens of big screen TV over the whole country till the most distant regions.

All in all, about 41 sites are thus planned to help the public to live together the epic of the trophy the most desired in sport competitions.

« For a week, human and technical means are mobilized in the implementation operations of these big screens in three municipalities of Djibouti-cities, administrative centers of the inside regions as well as in the most distant localities », indicated the Djiboutian Ministry with the Youth and Sports (SEJS).

Notons que les écrans géants gonflables seront installés sur un bon nombre de sites d’accueil.

Kindly note that the inflatable big screens will be installed on a great number of home sites.

The Ministry with the Youth and Sports has beforehand installed solar panels in the isolated villages that do not have access to the network of the Djiboutian national electricity operator.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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