Togo: a 3rd mobile phone operator soon

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« The third mobile phone operator will come to settle down in Togo », indicated on Friday the Minister of the post offices and the digital economy, Cina Lawson.


Mrs Lawson clarified that « the competitive bidding in order to grant a license to the third mobile phone operator in Togo with a 3G and 4G license will be launched next week ».


Lowering the communication cost and increase the quality of the service offered to the consumers, these are the reasons that motivate the Togolese government in its initiative.


In her explanations, the Minister stated that « the presence of the third operator will allow improving the competition. Besides, with the third operator, two other operators already on the field are going to fight more because the new operator will try to propose very attractive rates ».


In Togo, only two operators are holding the mobile phone market: Togo Cellulaire (State Company) and Moov-Togo (private company).


The Togolese government decided on Thursday during a Cabinet meeting to grant the third license of mobile communication in order to allow the telecommunication sector « to achieve all its potential ».


According to the government, the telecommunication sector got a delay in some domains with a mobile penetration rate estimated at 54 % that is below the regional average set at 75 %.


« In order to allow the telecommunication sector to achieve all its potential and to realize thus the economic and the digital economy boom, Togo intends to adopt a strategy centered on the creation of a new competitive dynamics and the recovery of the investments level in the mobile phone infrastructures », underlined a communiqué published by the government.



Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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