Donnat Bappa: the Cameroonian announced the 1st encyclopedia of Africa

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« When an old man dies in Africa, it is a whole library that burns« . This famous sentence of the Malian writer Amadou Hampâté Bâ illustrates the incapacity of the African continent to keep its ancestral values. Gaston Donnat Bappa, a Cameroonian engineer proposes a solution for the loss of Africa cultural treasure. He plans to set up the first encyclopedia 100 % African that will protect the African traditions.


African Traditions Online Encyclopedia (ATOE) is the name of the first gate of the African encyclopedia that will come into being very soon. For the founder of this ambitious project, the objective of this initiative is to show that there is no incompatibility between the Information and Communication Technologies and the African traditions.


Gaston Donnat Bappa knows better than whomever what he speaks about. Engineer in data processing, he is also a traditional chief of Nkong village in Cameroon. « Some people think that traditions do not belong to ICTS. But, if we do not know where from come we, we cannot know where we go », he explained.


The project, strongly inspired by Wikipédia, will be opened to all. Anybody can contribute or ask for the amendment of certain elements on the site. The contributions will be voluntary according to Gaston Donnat Bappa.


The rewriting of the African history reappears in debates. As Africa Top Success announced earlier, Senegalese experts (400 scientists and researchers) organized at the end of March, a preparatory seminar in prelude to the rewriting of the history of Senegal by Senegaleses.



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2 thoughts on “Donnat Bappa: the Cameroonian announced the 1st encyclopedia of Africa

  1. Yes. the African history is to be rewritten, by African themselves now. It is a duty, for mankind. As the great majority of humans do not have information on what has been done in Africa since the periods of slavery (15th to 18th century) and colonilization (19th to 20th century), and even neocolonization in the 20th century. The governments reponsible of these dark periods never provide genuine information to their poeple. Some of them which discovered it and tried to bring the truth to the national opinin were treated same as the ones from Africa.

    We are in a global world today, which is interdependant, and Africa is going to play a great role for the evolution of entire mankind. We must then take our reponsibility.

    The ATOE project is going on with building the initial international team, which is going to organize the work, and produce the initial content in the available protype site (, while fund search continues.

    please, provide us an email address, in order to regularly keep you inform

    Blessings from our African ancestors

    Chief Gaston Donnat BAPPA

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