World Cup 2014: Travel to Brazil free of charge for customers

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For its first time in Togo within the framework of the celebration of its fiftieth anniversary, the Brasserie du Benin (BB-Lomé) (Brewery Company) allowed its wholesale customers to travel to Brazil to follow the World cup 2014 and discover the nice city of Rio de Janeiro. A dinner to which were invited the professionals of the Togolese press among which your site Africa Top Success, was organized for the first group of customers who left Lomé at midnight last Monday.

The World cup remains a festival in Togo even if the country itself is not taking part in the competition. To celebrate the event, the BB-Lomé has introduced since 9th June, a promotion on its 33 Export product, « the supporter Nr1 of football« .

It was under the colors of this drink that the first group of wholesalers of the BB-Lomé embarked on Monday for Brazil to follow in live the match Spain-Chile. « Some months ago, the brewery company organized a competition and we were the first selected. Now, we are leaving for Rio de Janeiro to follow the world cup. In Brazil we shall make a lot of tourism to in order to discover Rio that is a wonderful city and we shall also follow the match Spain-Chile », declared a customer, very happy to be a part of the travel.

As reminder, a second group of wholesalers of the company led by its sales manager Jacques ELIMBI will leave Lomé on 7th July for the same adventure in Brazil.

The quality management of the BB-Lomé makes of it a reference in the sub-region. It is committed in a quality approach and got certified ISO 9001 version 2008.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO
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