Togo: «Talent d’Or» is showing unrevealed talents

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With the amazing success of the first edition that got the coronation of Junior Seme, the « Visual Communication » agency is back with a new edition of the musical competition called: Talent d’Or (golden talent).

The second edition of this competition is taking place throughout the summer holidays 2014 in Togo, particularly from 25th July to 27th September.

According to the organizers, this competition has for ambition to show unrevealed talents of the Togolese music and to put at their disposal a professional tool: an album.

« Talent d’or » intends especially to encourage the culture of excellence with all the actors who would like to become real professional artist of music.

« This competition joins all the efforts made by all for the promotion of the Togolese culture and its music. In this respect, the Togolese music is a heritage that needs to be enriched and to be made dynamic through similar initiatives », indicated Alain Anifrani, the boss of Visual Communication and promoter of the event.

« Talent d’or » is designed to artists commonly called as « aspiring artists » or « underground artists » who do not yet bring out any album.

« The song directory of these artists can arise from traditional music inspiration, Hip-hop, Reggae, Gospel or any other kind of music. There is no compulsory category. Groups of choirs are also concerned with regardless to their confession. They will be grouped in the second category », added Mr Anifrani.

There will be at first a shortlisting phase on 25th July 25th that will be followed by a semi-final on 30th August and of a big final on 27th September that will reward the winners.

For this year, besides the winner of the « Talent d’Or« , four other finalists will be produced and will have each an album promoted. As for the winning choir winner, it will receive a an amount 500.000 Fcfa.

The jury will be chaired by King Mensah, King of the Togolese music and sponsor of the competition.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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