Morocco: « champion of public service » 2014 in Africa

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The United Nations Organization (UNO) just awarded to Morocco, the « Champion of public service » 2014 award for Africa, an award that places it in the category « promoting public services taking the genre into account« .

In 2002, the Moroccan Ministry of Economy and Finance proceeded to the launching of a fiscal reform integrating the aspect « gender » into the budgets of the ministerial departments.

As a result of this reform, underlined the United Nations, it led to the development and the implementation of the sensitive budgeting of the gender in Morocco, (BSG-Maroc) that was made possible thanks to a partnership between the Ministry Finance (MEF) and the entity « UNO-WOMEN« .

The initiative had for objective, to line up politics, strategies, programs and budgets in the respect of commitments of equality and equity between sexes, for the ultimate purpose to reduce poverty and women exclusion.

The award ceremony is planned on Thursday, 26th June in Seoul (South Korea).


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