15th Summit of the Francophony in Dakar: commitments for brilliant success

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The preparations are in good progress for the organization of the 15th summit of the Francophony that will be held from 29th to 30th 30 November 2014 in Dakar.

Actors are already mobilized to make of this big meeting, a perfect success.

No worries at the level of the member ambassadors of the Group of Friends of the Francophony (GAF).

The latter reaffirmed their commitment with the Senegalese authorities for « a brilliant success » of the summit.

In a communiqué published on Saturday by the Ministry of Culture, « the members of the GAF underlined that the summit of Dakar will be for all of us a turning point for the Francophony« .

The document underlined that the members of the GAF were received in audience last Thursday by the Minister of Culture, Abdou Aziz Mbaye, in the presence of the chairman of advisory council of the general Delegation of the 15th Summit of the Francophony.

« The meeting consisted for the ambassadors to present the GAF to the Minister, to formulate proposals of partnership with the aim of the success of the Summit of the Francophony, to review the state of preparations for the Summit », underlined the communiqué.

The guest of the Minister thus presented the GAF as an established group to bring a support to the national policy of Senegal regarding the Francophony.

For his part, the Minister of Culture underlined that it was necessary to develop a plan of more regular follow-up, congratulating himself on the synergy between the various commissions of the general Delegation, in particular the commissions in charge of the logistics and of the protocol.

He specified that « the aspects related to the reception, to the accommodation of the official delegations, as well as to the logistics, were pertaining to royal prerogatives of the State. And Senegal had certain experience and expertise in the domain « .


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