Beyond Zero: mobile clinic launched by the First Lady of Kenya

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Praiseworthy efforts are made to improve the access to health for mothers and children in Africa of which Kenya.

With the aim of boosting the national and international actions to accelerate the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) realization on health, the First Lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta, has just set up the first mobile clinic baptized « Beyond Zero« , fully equipped.

The launching ceremony of the campaign took place last Friday, 4th July in Nairobi.

According to the latter, the campaign « Beyond Zero » has to support the efforts of health management in the country.

This, through the mobile clinics, the provision of incubators, diagnosis kits of infant medicine, oxygen concentrators, as well as campaigns for intensive raising of awareness and information in communities and homes concerning the adoption of preventive sanitary practices and behaviors.

Priority will be given to regions according to their indicators of HIV and health of mothers and children, underlined Mrs Kenyatta.

« When we started the Beyond Zero campaign, I made a promise of freeing funds to offer mobile clinics in order to improve the access to healthcare for mothers and children », she declared.

In her speech, Margaret Kenyatta expressed her gratitude to the General Motors Company that supplied a prototype of the mobile clinics.


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