Cyprian Emeka Uzoh: the Nigerian of more than 160 patents holder in the world

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He is considered as a genius of the computing because he revolutionized the technology world through its inventions.

Of Nigerian origin, Cyprian Uzoh holds more than 126 patents delivered in the United States and more than 160 worldwide in the semiconductors technology. He also co-wrote more than 35 publications.

And his exploits were worth to him many awards on the international scale.

In 2006, he was appointed « inventor of the year » for the patent on the « Manufacturing process of an electrolytic interconnection structures on a chip of integrated circuit » (USPTO 6.709.562).

USPTO 6.709.562 is one of the most important patents in the science and technology of semiconductors field.

Cyprian Emeka Uzoh is said to be the main pioneer of the modern technologies of copper interconnection of high performance.

He is the one who discovered, developed and applied in team, the various elements and the critical technologies that drove to the successful implementation of the technology of copper interconnection at IBM Corporation and also in all the semiconductor industry.

This technology allowed the introduction of the copper in the manufacturing of chips, what was a revolution.

The discovery of the galvanoplasty technology in this industry is also to be put to the credit of Cyprian Emeka Uzoh.

Let us remind that IBM put this technology into production at the end of the 1990s and represents today the main method of cabling device using electric fields and metal muds to polish metals with low pressures.


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