Forbes: Top of the 20 best young entrepreneurs 2014

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They are between 24 and 42 years old and their contribution participates in the development of a winning Africa, Africa that does not stop attracting investors and that joins in the concert of nations regarding economic growth.

They are young leaders, men and women, African iconic figures who put a lot into business, politics and of sport. Each and every one creates wealth in their domain of preference through the post of responsibility they manage moving so the continent forward.

The last ranking by Forbes of this year was interested in the top 20 best young African entrepreneurs.

They are as following:

1- Magatte Wade, 38 years old: Founder of Adina (Senegal).

2- Acha Leke, 40 years old: Manager of the McKinsey office in Lagos (Cameroon)

3- Janine Diagou, 40 years old: Managing Director of NSIA pole bank (Ivory Coast).

4- Cina Lawson, 40 ans: Minister of Post offices and digital economy (Togo).

5- Didier Drogba, 35 years old: Professional football player (Ivory Coast).

6- Vérone Mankou, 27 years old: Entrepreneur, chairman and managing director of VMK (Congo).

7- Swaady Martin Leke, 36 years old: Entrepreneur, founder of Yswara (Ivory Coast).

8- Arthur Zang, 26 years old: Creator of the Cardiopad medical touchpad (Cameroon).

9- Samuel Eto’o, 32 years old: Professional football player (Cameroon).

10- Tidjane Dème, 40 years old: Manager of Google for the French-speaking Africa (Senegal).

11- Rainatou Sow, 30 years old: Women rights activist (Guinea).

12- Eric Kacou, 38 years old: Co-founder and managing director of ES Partners (Ivory Coast).

13- Ingrid Awadé (picture), 40 years old: Manager of the Delegation in charge of the informal sector development (Togo).

14- Clare Akamanzi, 34 years old: Managing director of Rwanda Development Board (Rwanda).

15- Dieynaba Ndoye Bakiri, 37 years old: Co-founder the Colorii brand (Senegal).

16- Marie-Cécile Zinsou, 31 years old: Zinsou Foundation for A frican contemporary arts (Benin).

17- Jean-Marc Savi De Tové, 40 years old: Partner at Cauris Management (Togo).

18- Serge Thierry Mickoto, 41 years old: Managing director of strategic investment funds (Gabon)

19- Anthony Obame, 24 years old: Taekwondo champion (Gabon).

20- Marou Amadou, 42 years old: Minister of Justice spokesman of the government (Niger). He is currently minister within the cabinet of Brigi Rafni.


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