Beninese Quality Prize: FAMASEP prize-winner

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The NGO Manufacturing of alcoholates and soap out of extracts of plants and mineral substances (FAMASEP) met a quality management.


In its operations, it also put forward a rigorous approach set up by communication, anticipation, costs and stakes control, motivation, and development of a system centered on the satisfaction of all stakeholders of the production process.


These are so many factors that played in favor of this NGO to win the special prize, a prize that was awarded to them last Friday by the Minister of Industry and Trade within the framework of the « Beninese Quality Prize« .


Kindly note that there were about twenty best companies rewarded among which, FAMASEP in Category A.


This prize has come to reward the talents of a structure that brought itself to the record of Excellence. This is rather a consecration for Léonie Akpado Adangnonkoun, Manager of the NGO.




Original text by: Blaise AKAME


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